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Hunyuan Taiji

The full name of Hunyuan Taiji is Chenstyle XinYi Hunyuan Taijiquan.

“Chenstyle” and “XinYi” tell that it’s inherited from Chen style Taijiquan , XinYi Qigong and internal Martial art. The creator , grand master Feng Zhiqiang is the both 17th generation Grand master Chen Fake and XinYi LiuHe Quan grand master Hu Yaozhen’s legendary disciple.

“Hunyuan” tells the character and essence of this exercise.

The word “Hunyuan” refers to the “original” state of the universe. It can be likened to “0” that comes before the number “1” or the great void or “cosmic soup” that existed before the beginning of creation. It is like the “Tao that cannot be named”, referred to in the first chapter of the Tao TE Ching. Some might refer to it as primordial essence. It pre-exists even the state of Taiji where from the void, “Wuji”, appeared a state which contained both the Yin and Yang and is symbolized in the Taiji diagram. It also refers to the circular/spiral movement of the universe, which should be incorporated into Taijiquan and Qigong practice.

However, the word “Xin Yi” does not only specifically refer to the martial art of “Xin Yi Liu He Quan”. Literal translation, Xin means heart-mind and Yi means intentional mind. Feng’s intention was to focus and emphasis on mind which is the core for all Taijiquan and internal martial art.

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