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Clinic Treatments

Hunyuan Acupuncture & Massage is founded on the principles of traditional practice to restore balance and stimulate the flow of qi (chi).  Qi is the free flow of vital energy circulating through the body and the world around us, if the qi is disrupted or disturbed, it can create stagnation (blockages) or imbalances in the body.

We offer our patients a tailored treatment approach intended to improve overall health and wellbeing. Please allow up to 90 minutes for an initial consultation, to allow us to determine the most beneficial approach based on your individual circumstances. 

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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Balance & Strengthen

Chinese herbal medicine relies on natural substances to help you regain balance in your body and strengthen your body's resistance to disease. Herbs are prescribed to restore energy balance to the opposing forces of energy - Yin and Yang - that run through the meridien system.

Herbs can act on the body as powerfully as pharmaceutical drugs and should be treated with the same caution and respect.



Harmonise & Balance

Like Chinese herbal therapy, acupuncture can address unhealthy body patterns that manifest in a variety of symptoms and complaints. The aim of acupuncture is to bring balance and harmony to the body's energy system and internal organs to bring about balance and increase resistance to disease.

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Remedial Massage

Relax & Recover

With a deep understanding knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology, Remedial massage is the systematic assessment and treatment of the muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues of the body to assist in rehabilitation, pain and injury management. 

The benefits of remedial massage include:

Improved posture/body awareness
Reduced muscle tension
Improved blood circulation
Stimulation of the lymphatic system
Improved mood/mental health
Increased joint mobility
Reduced stress
Minimisation/reduced chronic pain symptoms
Improve the recovery of soft tissue injuries

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Warm & Invigorate

Moxibustion is a traditional Chinese medicine therapy which consists of burning dried mugwort on particular meridien points on the body. The intention is to warm and invigorate the flow of Qi in the body and dispel certain pathogenic influences.

Moxibustion is useful for chronic conditions, lowered immunity, digestive issues and fatigue. 

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Cupping Therapy

Stimulate flow of qi

Cupping Therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which heated cups are placed on your skin for a few minutes  to remove stagnation and stimulate the flow of qi (chi). Cupping therapy may help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and well-being as well as a type of deep-tissue massage.

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Food Therapy

Support Digestion and Organs

When foods cause disease it is called a food injury. A poor diet can cause stress on our digestive function leading to fatigue, disease or poor emotional regulation.  
When we use food we consume to support the digestive system and organs, this is referred to as Food Therapy.

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