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Tips for Effective Hunyuan Qigong

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

1. Lower the QI and cleanse internally

When lowering the QI, the mind must imagine that the natural Hunyuan QI and internal Hunyuan QI are combining into one. It is like frost and dew dripping down the body slowly, or steam bathing through the body from inside to the outside….. it is like the whole body is crystal clear. The body feels relaxed and comfortable.

If there is disease, when the QI reaches the diseased body part, pause a bit and then direct the QI to toes and fingers and then out of the body.

2. Gather the QI to the three Dantian

Upper Dantian gathering QI

The mind is carrying the QI of heaven and earth into the body through the upper Dantian (energy centre) which is Zuqiao. The QI combines with the Yuanshen (original soul) and goes down to the middle Dantian. This way, the after-heaven QI and the early heaven QI mix and become one. As the QI travels into the body through the upper Dantian and down towars the middle Dantian, the mind should be thinking about the QI’s path, gazing at the QI, and listening to the QI. This is called “the soul goes down and the spirit goes up”.

Middle Dantian gathering QI

In your mind, you must gather all the QI from earth and heaven into your Dantian. Consider your Dantian a reservoir, it gathers but does not leak. This is called “charging the Dantian”. The QI from earth and heaven will mix with your original QI in the Dantian, becoming one.

Lower Dantian gathering QI

This is called “to turn the spirit into QI, and to turn QI into nature”.

3. Two hands rub the ball

While turning the ball between the hands, imagine that there is a ball in the Dantian. Use mind-Intent to combine the ball between the hands and the one in the Dantian. They first turn together in a coordinated fashion and then they become one huge ball. This is called “internal (Dantian ball) and external (hand ball) become one”.

4. The three-Dantian open and close

Tranquility overrides all. Think of Dantian; gaze at Dantian; listen to Dantian.

When thinking big (open) it has no outside, when thinking small (close) it has no inside. Do not know whether you are the hand or the hand is you. It is like swimming in water, the spirit and shape move together like water. Open and close come naturally; the QI flows naturally in you.

5. The sun and the moon turning

The chest of a person is like a Huntianyi (the model of globe created by ancient Chinese). The chest contains the following points of the REN meridian; Hugai, Zigong, Yutang, Tanzhong, Zhongting and Jujue. These are all important points related to lightness of the body, especially Tanzhong which is the meeting point for QI, thus called “Upper Sea of


The Qanjing said; “Taihe Yuan QI is evolved in the chest”. The absorbing and neutralizing are all in the chest, stomach and waist.

6. Circular extension and contraction

Extension and contraction is like that of the movement of a dragon. It is like the movement in a sea among waves, appearing and disappearing. REN and DU meridians circulate without Mind-Intent direction. Try to feel and experience the Dantian exchanges in the body.

7. Single leg ascending and descending

This is a major method for the training of lower Dantian when raising the QI. QI moves from Huiyin (lower Dantian) to middle Dantian. Huiyin lightly push upwards. Raise the anus and Weilu, when the QI reaches the Dantian, pause, so that the QI covers all of the Dantian. When the QI sinks down to Yongchuan, the QI should also pour through the bottom of the whole foot. One should turn the waist, sink and open the Ku, and step solidly on the ground and experience the feelings of the foot in naturally;

  1. sucking onto the ground,

  2. grasping onto the ground, and

  3. having roots in the ground.

One should also experience the idea of lightening the leg and the three joints loosening and breaking-off. When rising, one should experience the reaction of the ground to the foot and how the Jing starts from the foot. One should carefully observe how the waist changes weight distribution and moves accordingly.

8. Double leg ascending and descending

As for number 7.

9. Belt Meridian Grinding

The QI circle starts at the Daimai, and then spreads to the hand circle. It is desired that the QI circle will gradually expand to leg and Hua, chest, back, shoulders, elbows and causing the whole body to be surrounded by QI circles.

10. Heaven and Earth Open and Close

The 5 hearts (center) returning to Dantian:

  1. centre of head

  2. centre of feet

  3. centre of hands

Open from the center of middle Dantian to the five centers. Close from the 5 centers to the middle of the Dantian. The opening and closing in this fashion will gradually increase the QI flow in the body. When opening, imagine that the hands are opening the heaven; when closing, imagine that the hands are closing a hole in the earth. This is what is called heaven and earth open and close. This practice will gradually induce the formation of a Hunyuan QI circle by forming an interaction between heaven, earth and man.

11. Collecting the QI to the Dantian

The motion of the two hands collecting QI in the air is like the motion of swimming in water or air. The air is like water being channeled to the Dantian.

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